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Didcot Sixth Form Students Celebrate Exceptional A Level Results

Posted on: 17/08/2023

Didcot Sixth Form students are celebrating an exceptional set of A Level results this summer. Whilst A Level grades nationally have fallen from previous years, the results for our Year 13 cohort have not, and remain in line with our previously record-breaking results.

Students in this cohort have worked hard and shown remarkable resilience in challenging circumstances throughout their time at Didcot Sixth Form. We are delighted that the grades students were awarded today recognise this hard work and allow our students to go on to the destinations they desire.  

In summary, for the 166 students who completed their A level studies this year:

  • 13% of all entries gained A* grades
  • 34% of all entries gained A*-A grades
  • 66% of all entries gained A*-B grades
  • 86% of all entries gained A*-C grades
  • 99% of all entries gained A*-E grades

We are particularly pleased that:

  • 46 students (a third of our cohort) have achieved an average grade of an A or an A*
  • 80% of our students have secured a place at their top choice of university, with 91% achieving a place at one of their top two choices
  • 5 Didcot Sixth Form students are going on to study at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 63% of our Year 12 early entry Mathematics students achieved an A* this year

James Cross, Director of Didcot Sixth Form, said:

“We couldn’t be prouder of our Year 13 cohort. They have been a wonderful group to work with and have been determined, resilient, and hard-working since day one. What’s been most impressive is how well they have looked after each other and shown leadership in their school communities – they truly leave things better than they found them. I am convinced all of our leavers are destined for success in the many and varied pathways they have chosen.”

Rachael Warwick, Executive Headteacher of Ridgeway Education Trust, which includes Didcot Sixth Form, said:

“I am delighted for our students who have achieved much-deserved success in this summer’s examinations. We are extremely proud of them all and grateful for the generous and lasting contribution they have made to our school community. My sincere thanks and gratitude also to the staff who have supported our young people with such commitment and dedication over the last two years. Congratulations to all our students who leave with our very best wishes for the future!”

Among the many students who have achieved exceptional results, we caught up with several of them this morning about how they are feeling.

Joseph. Daniel and Daniel

Daniel Green – A* A* A* A*, Computer Science at Cambridge

“I am grateful for the incredible support from my teachers and the opportunity to study at a great sixth form.  I am also pleased that we had the opportunity to sit exams this year and demonstrate what we can do. I’m looking forward to studying Computer Science full time in Cambridge in October.”

Daniel Lloyd – A* A* A* (A * in EPQ), English at Oxford

“I am absolutely elated. Our cohort have come through so much adversity. We’ve been dealt a tough hand, so looking round and seeing smiling faces from my peers makes me proud and happy.”

Joseph Kershaw – A* A* A* (A EPQ), Reading Physics at Imperial

“Whilst I’m glad that it’s over, I feel proud and satisfied with today’s results. Today marks the culmination of a lot of hard work. It’s done and it’s been done well, and I’m grateful for the support of all of my teachers.”

Charlotte Wolfson – A* A* A A, gap year job placement at Williams Engineering

“I am really pleased with my results; I was scared before I got here as I knew it could go either way. I knew that I had worked hard and am glad that my results reflect that”

Charlotte Wolfson


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