Didcot Sixth Form Executive

Our Didcot Sixth Form Executive mimics a university Student Union which strives towards creating an inclusive and exciting atmosphere to enhance the school experience for all students within the Sixth Form and lower school.

The Executive is the voice of the Sixth Form and is therefore the basis of student change and progression. This is why we urge wider interaction and feedback from our peers. To make this process as seamless and effective as possible we have various social media platforms on which we are active and accessible (linked below) so please do not hesitate to get in touch! Working with staff and students from both sites helps us to gain a deeper insight into the student perspective, desired changes and all of the amazing achievements and events taking place. While recognising and praising these successes we are working hard to integrate our school community with wider society creating an enhanced range of opportunities that are suited to the wants and needs of our peers.

The Sixth Form Executive is made up of various groups: the head boy and head girl team; information; academic; welfare; charity; environment; external; ethos and sports. All teams work alongside each other providing guidance and building on each other’s ideas. This sense of community and teamwork is made possible by our fortnightly meetings and consistent communication within the Executive and the Sixth Form as a whole. Although these are defined roles within the Executive, we are keen to encourage other students from all year groups to work alongside us to help create the most positive change possible.

This student lead aspect of school life shall enable students to be more aware and attentive to the needs of oneself and others, as such allowing us to make Didcot Sixth Form a place where students are excited and motivated to take part in all that it has to offer. It encourages an atmosphere of curiosity and possibility which in turn provokes enthusiasm for what life beyond Sixth Form may be for some of us.


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