Examination Board: AQA

Course Code: 7037

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in Geography and English Language at GCSE

Why study Geography?

The study of Geography will develop your knowledge of the world around you. You will gain insight into physical and human processes that shape the way we live. Furthermore, Geography enables you to develop key skills that can be applied to a variety of situations; with research and analysis being central to the discipline. Geography is a well-respected A-Level subject and looked on favourably by universities. It opens many career paths, for example Town Planning and Environmental Management when pursued further and opens pathways to specialised degree paths such as Environmental Science.

What will I study?

The A-Level Geography course is made up of physical and human components. The physical Geography topics you’ll study are:

  • Water & Carbon
  • Hazards
  • Coasts

The human Geography topics you’ll study are:

  • Changing Places
  • Global Systems and Governance
  • Contemporary Urban Environments

How will I study?

Lessons and independent study take a variety of forms in Geography. Sometimes you’ll be required to make notes from academic articles and text books whereas others you could be presenting or debating the topic being studied. You’ll be required to carry out independent study outside of class to solidify your learning. These tasks will be directed to you by your teachers and may involve further research on a topic studied in class or tasks to embed concepts and ideas. You will also be required to undertake fieldwork in South Wales in Year 12. This is a compulsory element of the course with costs attached. Financial assistance is available for those who need it.

How will my work be assessed?

The course is assessed at the end of Year 13 by the following methods:

  • Physical Geography accounts for 40% of A-Level (2 hours 30 minutes exam)
  • Human Geography accounts for 40% of the A-Level (2 hours 30 minutes exam)
  • Geography Fieldwork Investigation accounts for 20% of the A-Level (3000-4000 word report) completed over the course of Year 12 & 13
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