Theatre Studies

Examination Board: AQA

Course Code: 7262

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in Drama and English at GCSE

Why study Drama and Theatre Studies?

Theatre Studies is an A-Level that will develop not only your understanding of the theatre-at-large but also your own individual acting skills and a range of invisible skills that can be applied to any situation. Throughout the course you will learn to analyse your own performance but also those of professional actors and practitioners from the world stage. You will learn not only to direct and write original material, but you will also be given a ‘hands on approach’ to the technical side of theatre. You will also be encouraged to see a wide variety of performances from Shakespeare to musical theatre to help hence and reinforce your own ideas and style of performance.

What will I study?

We will be following a specification which builds on the knowledge and understanding developed in the AQA GCSE Drama course. Students will study the AQA A-Level Drama and Theatre Studies course. This will include studying a pre-twentieth century and a contemporary play as well as looking at various theatre production reviews. There will be practical sessions on acting technique as well as practical devised work for visiting examiners.

What will my lessons be like?

All lessons will have a practical tilt. Anything that you need to study or analyse for the exam will be studied in a practical way. The exam is weighted towards the written element but some of the written work is through assessed course work.

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