Destinations 2021

Detailed Destinations Data 2021 Leavers

113 students have one on to Higher Education this year

                …of which 110 students achieved places at their firm university choice

                … 3 students achieved insurance place rather than firm choice

                …51 students achieved Russell Group places (45% of university cohort)

                …3 students achieved Oxbridge places

                …1 student achieved a place on a medical degree course

                …1 student achieved a place at the Royal Academy of Music conservatoire

                …0 students unplaced

4 students (by August 2021) have accepted apprenticeship offers, at:

  • UKAEA, Culham
  • DSA Prospect, Witney
  • Chapman Worth, East Hendred
  • Navtech Radar, Ardington

16 students have gone straight into employment and training through work. Half of these (8) students were actively applying for apprenticeships as of July 2021.

1 student has gone to a college to undertake an Art Foundation course.

10 students are taking a gap year and planning to apply to an apprenticeship or to university in the next academic cycle. All were in employment as of August 2021, with no NEET overall.

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