Examination Board: AQA

Course Code: 7408

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in two Science GCSEs (combined science or physics plus chemistry or biology) and Grade 6 in Maths at GCSE

Why study Physics?

If you strive to understand the behaviour of the natural world at both the micro and macro level, physics is the subject for you. From quantum physics to the laws of gravity, you will be immersed in the physical laws governing our universe and practical investigations will allow you to verify those laws. As you progress through the course you will also develop an aptitude for problem-solving and data interpretation. An A-Level in physics is essential for many STEM fields including engineering and medicine. A-Level physics will also allow you to broaden your prospects as many of the skills you will acquire (such as critical thinking and the ability to analyse data) are well sought after by various major industries and employers.

What will I study?

The A-Level course has been designed to develop your understanding and interest in topics that you have already experienced at GCSE as well as to introduce you to new theories and concepts. The course structure will give you the opportunity to unify your thinking and gain a greater depth of understanding into familiar topics which will develop into new ideas such as fields and quantum phenomena. You will become aware of how collaboration coupled with radical thinking helped further the advancement of Physics and how theories have shaped modern society.

How will I study?

You will spend time developing your understanding of the principles of Physics, applying them to practical work to support theory or using these principles to solve problems and expand your ideas. You will do pre-selected independent learning tasks to lead you through the course structure, tailoring your learning experience to the areas you need to focus on the most. Your progress through the course will be checked during topic practice lessons and in module tests, feedback will be given and support will be put in place where needed.

How will my work be assessed?

Final examinations will take place at the end of Year 13. You will sit three written examinations which will make up the entirety of your grade (exam structure shown below). You will also be awarded a pass or fail on the Compulsory 12 Practicals undertaken throughout the two-year course.

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