Sixth Form Vision & Ethos

We aspire to become recognised across Oxfordshire as the sixth form of choice for an exceptional education, and admired for our warm, welcoming climate and respectful and ambitious culture. We aspire to shape future leaders who serve their community and lead for legacy.

Didcot Sixth Form is...

...a place where you come to learn and gain valuable qualifications

...a place where you will be challenged to reach the destinations you desire and supported to open as many doors as possible

...a place to make lifelong friends

We make no apologies for...

...being a school sixth form

...having (and holding you to) high expectations

...encouraging you to be the best version of yourself

...insisting on respect and dignity between staff and peers

In return, you can expect…

...committed, expert teachers organised, well-run sixth form

...high levels of pastoral support

...a wealth of opportunities

...opportunities to lead and serve your community be listened to and taken seriously

Didcot Sixth Form is part of Ridgeway Education Trust. To read the Trust's charter, please click here.


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@@DGS_PEdept01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Good luck Charlotte! Read more
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Looking to study A Levels in September? Register for our opening evening on our website: Read more look forward to seeing you there.
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Our A Level PE students had a great time yesterday at learning about Real Tennis which is taught as part of the history section of their course. Thank you so much to Rob for both the history lesson and the tennis lesson!
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Mr Cross, Mr Elliott and Dr Khan introducing enrichment and the leadership hour to our new Year 12 cohort.We strongly believe that helping others is a great way to help ourselves. Our students have so much to offer others and they will gain so much from these opportunities
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Thank you as ever to Dr Organ for speaking with our Year 13 early university applicants about interview techniques and considerations. We are very grateful for your time and the years and years of Brasenose links!
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Huge congratulations to our students on their brilliant A Level results. We are very proud of all of you. Please read of our students successes here: Read more
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Today marked the inaugural Didcot Sixth Form Sports Day, and what a wonderful day it was. Thank you so much to Jack for his organisation and to everyone that participated and contributed. A total highlight to finish off the school year. Happy Summer everyone!
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 We were very lucky today to have a series of brilliant recent alumni students from a variety of subject specialisms come in to speak with our current Year 12 students who are considering early entry applications and/or taking admissions tests. Thank you to those who came back!
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Join DSF student, Simeon Lord and local professional and brilliant guitarist, Hugh Turner in concert in July. This is a show sure to impress and a real display of local (and outstanding) talent.
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Thank you very much to White and Black Limited, Oxford for meeting with our potential Law applicants for an afternoon of information about opportunities within the Law. As well as reading and editing letters and how best to sell ourselves, communicate and listen.
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Yesterday Year 12 students were very lucky to be presented to and offered mentoring sessions from 13 local professionals.
@@DidcotSixthForm01:00 AM - 1st January, 1970 Year 12 are at Bournemouth university today on a discovery day.
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