English Language and Literature

Examination Board: AQA

Course Code: 7707

  • Paper 1 Telling stories

  • Paper 2 Exploring conflict NEA Making connections

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in both English Language and English Literature at GCSE

Why study English Language and Literature?

If you enjoyed studying both fiction and non-fiction texts at GCSE, then this is the course for you. You may prefer not to study the full Literature A-Level, because you would like to have the opportunity for writing creatively as well as analysis of texts. Finally, you may simply enjoy looking in fine detail at language and the many ways it used in both writing and speech.

What will I study?

You will study stylistics, which is a way of looking at texts through linguistic features. You will study set literary texts, such as The Handmaid’s Tale and The Great Gatsby. You will also study a full anthology of fiction and non-fiction texts about Paris, which will be supported by a visit to the city itself. Additionally, you will be required to write ‘re-creations’ linked to one of your set texts, which may appeal to those students who enjoy creative writing.

How will I study?

All lessons will include discussion and debate, learning new and advanced terminology as well independent writing tasks. We expect you to have read sections or extracts of texts before the lessons and complete pre-reading tasks on them in preparation for our class discussions.

How will I be assessed?

80% exam (2 papers) and 20% coursework (also known as an NEA). Entry requirements: we require that you have gained at least a 6 and a 5 in English Language and English Literature at GCSE (the 5 can be in either Language or Literature).

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