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Success in the British Weightlifting Championship!

Posted on: 21/09/2021

During the Summer holidays, both Harrison Deeley in Year 13 and Seb Lawton in Year 12 competed in the Virtual British Championships with very impressive results.

Harrison competed in the 73 kg class, U17s age group, performing very well and earning himself a silver medal in an extremely tough group. Harrison competed with a bodyweight of 70.3 kg, lifting 83 kg in the snatch and a very impressive 110 kg clean and jerk.

Seb Lawton also in the U17s, competed in the 61 kg class with a bodyweight of 59.2 kg and once again defended his British title, winning gold with a snatch of 77 kg and clean and jerk of 95 kg. The clean and jerk equalled the current British record for his age and weight.

All round a very impressive result from the two, with lots of effort and hours of training put in to get these lifts. We hope to see the St Birinus Weightlifting team continue to win medals in future competitions as we continue to train hard.

With much gratitude to Coach Karlsson for giving so much of his time to helping us with our weightlifting, enabling us to achieve these lifts.

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