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"Eye-opening and engaging" - Year 12 Work Experience

Posted on: 11/07/2022

Year 12 had an amazing time during their Work Experience last week.

They secured some fantastic placements across a wide range of sectors including design and marketing, photography, healthcare, engineering, scientific research, law, politics, media and television, finance and information technology. 

We have received wonderful feedback from both employers and students. Some comments from employers were:

"Staff were so impressed by how switched on and mature she was. Her knowledge on DNA is brilliant!"

"She went above and beyond with her creativity to make sure that [the activity she designed] will be engaging and accessible to a range of our young people with autism, severe learning difficulties, and complex needs."

"He’s been a pleasure to have and one of the best students I’ve had - polite, on time, hard working and with a really keen interest to learn."

Students described their work experience as "eye-opening", "engaging" and "intriguing". It gave them insight into a range of real roles in the workplace, enabling them to relate and expand their school learning and develop in confidence and key skills including communication, teamwork and time management

We are extremely grateful to all the employers who have offered them this opportunity, and to the parents who helped to organise such a variety of interesting placements. We hope you enjoy the photographs.

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