Product Design

Why study Product Design?

  • To broaden your Design skills and gain knowledge in practical construction techniques
  • To develop and demonstrate a deep appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of the Product Design world
  • To develop competence and confidence in using a variety of machines including a metal work lathe, forge, milling machine and C&C machines including a laser cutter and 3D printer
  • To further investigate the history of design and different genres of Art and visual languages
  • To develop electronics skills and how to implement them into your Products through methodical planning and construction
  • A strong emphasis is placed on industry related skills, to facilitate a near seamless transition from school to the real-world work place

What will I study?

The course begins with students learning a variety of practical workshop skills. This will enable them to manufacture their own multi tool from raw materials. In conjunction with this, students will learn the design process including different aspects of research, drawing skills, ICT and Maths.

The course continues with student’s construction their own packaging for their product from a range of materials including different timber and plastics. Over the course of Year 12 students will also manufacture their own clamp using the Crucible Forge and gain experience of electronics through producing a variety of Electrical circuits.

Year 13 begins with an external unit set by the exam board where students choose their own design brief and manufacture their own product using the skills they have learnt in Year 12. The course is completed with two written papers based on the technical principles of design and making.

How will I study?

Product Design ranges from students learning practical workshop skills as a group and as individuals during lesson time. Other lessons are more theory based including aspects of maths and the design process. Students are encouraged to work independently on their research and designs while taking advice and guidance from teaching staff.

How will my work be assessed?

Substantial ‘design and make’ project is worth 50% of the qualification and is completed based on variety of themes chosen by the student. Work is marked in house by teaching staff and then assessed by an external moderator.

There are also two written papers. Technical Principles which is worth 30% of the overall mark and Designing and Making Principles is worth the remaining 20%.