• D6 Enrichment

Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Offer

Our tailored enrichment programme is the jewel in the crown at DSF. It helps support our students as they head towards their post-A level destinations: university, apprenticeship, or work. Our suite of enrichment opportunities encourages our engaged, passionate students to build skills and explore interests in depth during the two dedicated ‘enrichment’ hours on a Wednesday afternoon. DSF’s diverse academic support programmes complement the extensive range of clubs and societies.

The first six weeks of the programme focus on an advanced induction to independent learning and study skills, during which we aim to help our students develop skills that can be used in and beyond the classroom. This programme happily segues for some students into the Extended Project Qualification which is worth half and A-Level. 

At the same time, we encourage students to get involved in a variety of clubs and societies. The range of student-run clubs is vast: Squash Club, Basketball Club, a range of musical ensembles, Oracy Society, and even a Conspiracy Theory Club! 

These run alongside a range of student-led academic societies, including (but not limited to) Maths Society, Literary Society, Medicine Society, and Philosophy Society. These societies are all student-led and supported by dedicated enrichment staff, with a view to preparing students for joining university-level academic communities and enhancing their prospects of successful university admission. 

We view all members of the sixth form as leaders, treating them like the young adults they are, but a smaller group (elected by their peers and interviewed) forms the Sixth Form Executive. This group works closely with the Sixth Form Leadership Team to help promote the activities of DSF. 

From January onwards, we run our visiting speaker programme which has been enormously popular. Over the past few years we have received visits from politicians (ex-Speaker of the Commons John Bercow), journalists (BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz) and facilitated sessions on careers, finance, wellbeing, first aid, and personal safety.