Why study French?

The French A-Level course won’t just improve your French language skills. It will give you a fascinating insight into the culture of all French-speaking countries explored through history, art, literature, cinema and current affairs, using the very latest authentic resources. This will enable you to develop a deep understanding of the importance of French-speaking countries to the UK and on the global stage. It will also prepare you well for any University course as you will:

  • discuss points of view and debate ideas
  • develop critical and analytical skills
  • build relationships and networks
  • conduct and present a research project independently
  • write well-structured essays expressing opinions and views supported by relevant evidence

What will I study?

You will consolidate your grammatical understanding and develop your communication skills, building fluency and confidence. You will deepen your understanding of the culture of the countries where French is spoken. You will explore aspects of social trends, artistic culture, social issues and political culture, as well as one film and one literary text in detail. You will also research one subject of interest to you for your Speaking exam.

Social trends

Artistic culture

The changing nature of the family

The cyber-culture

The place of voluntary work

A culture proud of its heritage

Contemporary music

The cinema

Social trends and issues

Political and artistic culture

Positive features of a diverse society

Life of the marginalised

How criminals are treated

Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment

Demonstrations and strikes

Politics and immigration


How will I study?

You will benefit from working in small groups, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practise and receive high quality personalised feedback. We use a variety of authentic resources (press articles, literature, television, film, songs), and you will have access to an excellent online resource bank in school and at home. You will develop your speaking skills and confidence in weekly sessions with our Foreign Language Assistant, timetabled during one of your independent study periods. You will be encouraged to take part in a range of enrichment activities such as conferences at Oxford University and our Homestay trip to France which will allow you to establish a network of international contacts and friendships.

How will my work be assessed?

Assessment is through examinations at A-Level. There are 3 papers:

Paper 1: Reading, Listening and Writing (summaries and translation) - 50% A-Level grade

Paper 2: Writing (cultural essays) - 20% A-Level grade

Paper 3: Speaking - 30% A-Level grade

Entry requirements: we require that you have gained a 6 in French at GCSE.