Destinations Programmes

Through our personalised destinations programme, we strive to make sure that all of our students have the support, advice and guidance for whatever route they wish to take post-sixth form. We understand that all of our students are going to want to take different pathways and we are proud to deliver high quality support for all, no matter what their intended destination.

Our 2020 leavers have gone to a variety of destinations. From a cohort of 148:

  • 108 have gone on to university (52% of these to Russell Group Universities and 2% to Oxbridge)
  • 3 students have confirmed apprenticeship placements (2% of year group)
  • 20 students are taking a gap year and then applying to university next year (13% of year group)
  • 10 students are taking a gap year whilst searching for apprenticeships (7% of year group)
  • 6 students are going to college to undertake foundation courses or dance school (4% of year group)
  • 4 students are going into full time employment (3% of year group)


We offer a very high standard of information and guidance in all aspects of the university application process. Students will be introduced to how the system works early on in Year 12 so that they can start researching potential avenues of study. They will then be supported through every aspect of their applications from the personal statement to which university choices to make and how to fill in a UCAS form. Students will have references written for them by their subject teachers and their tutor and each individual application will not be sent to the universities until they are fully checked by a member of the sixth form team. 

Enrichment talks cover the subjects of student finance, budgeting and living away from home. Interview practice is offered to all. 

All students in Year 12 will attend a UCAS and apprenticeship convention. 

We have a very strong success rate of getting students onto their first-choice university course. 


Students will be introduced to apprenticeships and how they work within Year 12. We make sure that all students know what is involved in studying and working towards an apprenticeship and the benefits of doing so. All students will hear from outside companies offering apprenticeships throughout their time at sixth form.  

Students that have a specific interest in apprenticeships will be encouraged to sign up to the national apprenticeship website to be notified about opportunities when they are posted. 

Didcot Sixth Form alumni students who have completed apprenticeships are available as mentors to any aspiring applicants. 

All students in Year 12 will attend a UCAS and apprenticeship convention.

Apprenticeship opportunities that we are sent will be advertised weekly in the News at Six publication.


If a student decides that they wish to study at Oxford or Cambridge or that they wish to pursue a career in medicine, veterinary science or dentistry, the students will not only be applying a couple of months earlier than others to these courses, but they can also expect to need to input more into the process of application than others. Not only do the grades need to be very high, there will be interviews, potential admissions tests and extra work might need to be sent in to supplement their application. Therefore, it is important that these students are supported throughout this process.

Successful applicants are those who have a thirst for learning beyond the school curriculum. Throughout their time at Didcot Sixth Form, students are exposed to a variety of opportunities to challenge themselves. By the time they reach the sixth form, potential ‘early entry’ candidates are likely to have self-identified and also been identified by staff. The sixth form provides potential applicants with a range of opportunities, including: 

  • Being paired with Didcot Sixth Form alumni or staff who have read the subject at the university

  • Extra enrichment sessions 

  • Expert UCAS application support 

  • Personal statement support writing sessions

  • Practice interviews

  • External guidance and support through partnerships with local universities and organisations 

  • One to one guidance tutorials

  • Subject specific preparation for entrance examinations


If students want to head straight into the world of employment after leaving sixth form, then we can support this route too. Students are all guided through the process of writing a CV and writing cover letters. Interview technique and practice is discussed in assemblies and guidance videos. One to one support is offered to all. 

Gap Years

A significant number of students each year tend to take a year out of study once they have finished their A-Levels. Often this is to give themselves a chance to decide what they want to do next. Sometimes they take some time to go travelling and some decide to work during this year to save money. We make sure that we offer guidance for these students in their options for gap years. If students decide after this gap that they now wish to make a university or apprenticeship or job application, we ask that they still get in touch so that we can support them through this process in the same way that we would with our current students. 

Business mentoring

At Didcot Sixth Form we are very lucky to have the support and engagement of a range of industry and business specialists who support and further the career planning of students through our established Business Mentoring Programme

The Mentors work weekly over the course of several weeks with students to share their expertise on a range of career related issues including future career choices, networking, personal statements, employability skills and qualities, the fostering of entrepreneurship, and apprenticeships guidance.

In previous years, mentors have offered interview practice and help with CVs and even work experience placements and experiences. 

Additional support

As well as the sixth form staff we are very lucky to have support provided by an independent careers advisor who is available for drop-in sessions throughout the week and can also be contacted for scheduled appointments too.