BTEC National Subsidiary Diploma in Sport

Examination Board Edexcel
Level 3
Unit 1 The Body in Action
Unit 2 Health and Safety in Sport.
Unit 3 Training and Fitness
Unit 4 Principles of Sports Coaching
Unit 5 Practical Individual Sports and Practical Team Sports
Unit 6 Sport in Society

Unit 1 explores the foundations of anatomy and physiology.
Unit 2 covers ways in which a sports leader can plan and carry out a sporting activity safely under supervision of a more experienced person.
Unit 3 explores the fitness requirements of different sporting activities. Students will also be required to plan and evaluate a fitness training programme.
Unit 4 - This chapter will assist those starting on the coaching ladder to learn the rules and responsibilities, the qualities and characteristics of sports coaches.
Unit 5 explores ways to improve your performance in sport and your knowledge of the rules and regulations, as well as the ways in which you can measure and assess performance.
Unit 6 explores the sports industry in the UK today, how contemporary issues affect sport and how the development of sport has influenced how it is organised.

Internal assessment.