Royal Holloway University Psychology Competition

On Friday 30th June a group of Year 12 psychologists visited the Royal Holloway University of London to take part in a competition against other schools in the country. The posed question was: ‘How can you use psychology in your everyday life?’, and to answer this we had to send in a 3 minute video and prepare a display board for the day of the competition. 


In one of the two groups were Airlie Groves, Leah Parren, Catrin Bell-Jackson, Elise Gibson, Maddie Howson and Lolly Platt, who chose the topic of domestic abuse and the role psychologists play in helping the victims of it. In the other group was Molly Strange, Olivia Fox, Gracie Richmond, Chloe Jones and Emily Beale, who decided to research into the impact psychologists have on victims of terrorism.


When we arrived at the university we were shown to room where all of the groups had their display boards and posters, whilst in the background the videos we made before were playing. Each group had to go around and ask different groups on what they researched, at the same time the judges and psychologists were walking around as well. We spent a good deal of time talking to the judges about our research and we got some brilliant feedback from them at the end of the day. Whilst the votes were being counted we had the chance to go into a lecture hall to listen to psychologists and lecturers talk about studying psychology and some interesting research they had recently been doing. 


Overall, it was a great and thought-provoking experience which not only gave us an insight to other students’ research on various topics, but it also gave us more information in studying psychology at university and the many sectors that it can lead to.


Gracie Richmond

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