Mock General Election 2017



Of the 618 students who voted the result was as follows:

Labour    50% share of vote

Liberal Democrats   30% share of vote

Conservatives  20% share of vote


In light of the General Election taking place, it was decided that on the 8th June 2017 Year 12 students at Didcot Sixth Form would run a mock General Election for the students of Didcot Girls' School and Didcot Sixth Form. 

Over the previous week, a group of students representing the Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats presented to students in assemblies. They put forward their manifestos and they answered questions posed to them by students. The party members were available around school during the week to speak to students and many hand-outs and stickers were distributed. 

The sixth form students did a brilliant job of representing the three parties and I am very grateful to those that stepped up and did the work necessary to get their messages out to the voters. They demonstrated confidence, organisation and team work and I genuinely believe that they highlighted and encouraged the message of the importance of a vote and an interest in politics.

I heard many conversations around school during the week where students were discussing their reasons for their vote; they had obviously been doing their research at home and in tutor time. I sincerely hope that our students are all going to be active and interested voters in the years to come.

I am also very appreciative to those Year 12 students that gave up their break and lunchtimes to man the polling stations so brilliantly.

Many thanks to all who voted.

Miss Hanna

Head of Year 12

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