James Godwin (Year 13 student studying Government & Politics) poses question on BBC Question time

I was very lucky to have been invited to sit in the audience of ‘Question Time’, the popular topical debate show on BBC One, and among the panel were: Damian Green, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions; Clive Lewis, a Labour MP; Jo Swinson, an ex-Liberal Democrat MP and former minister in the coalition government; Stephen Gethins, an SNP MP and Camilla Cavendish, a peer in the House of Lords who was also director of policy at 10 Downing Street under David Cameron.

The evening started off with a light-hearted discussion with David Dimbleby in one of the drawing rooms at the Oxford Union, where he answered any questions we had about him or how the show works. He’s just as sharp and witty off camera as he is on camera.

Once we were in the debating chamber, the recording began. The first question was whether Theresa May had called for an election to benefit the Conservative Party and Dimbleby picked me to make an input. My response got some applause in the audience (and on Twitter) and also a nod of approval from the Secretary for Work and Pensions. The other questions were just as contentious, including the triple-lock on pensions, whether Donald Trump was a greater threat than Kim Jong-Un and whether Theresa May is right to continue the foreign aid budget.

It was a really interesting and informative evening, and I would recommend anyone interested in politics to take part.


James Godwin


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