Engineering success!

Over the past six months, a group of us from Year 12 have been working on a project for the Engineering Education Scheme, in partnership with Nuvia, a nuclear commission company based on Harwell Campus.

The scheme began with a launch day back in October at RAL, where we met our mentors from Nuvia, who gave us a brief and would be helping us to complete the project. Our task was to design a motor control circuit for a nuclear shredder, which would be used to break down nuclear waste, and to use this design to implement several safety features, as working in the nuclear industry is extremely dangerous. At first, this task seemed very daunting as we did not have much experience in engineering, however with the help of our mentors, we were able to come up with a suitable solution that required us to gain many new skills in coding, circuitry and construction.

In December, there was a residential at CEMAST, where we were able to use the facilities there to construct our model. Also, we were invited to spend two days at Nuvia where we finalised the project and presented it to some of the people who work there.

On the 24th April, there was a celebration and assessment day at RAL, where we were required to create a display stand and give a presentation to a panel of judges. Although we were nervous, the day was a success and we received a Gold Crest award and the Students' Choice award. Overall, the scheme was an amazing experience that gave us an insight into what it is like to work in the engineering industry. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend doing the project to anyone that is interested in STEM subjects.

Emelia Harrison, Hannah Young, Laura Couling, Lucy Woods – Year 12

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