Ashmolean Museum Visit 2.11.16

On the 2nd of November a small group of us from Year 12 attended the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to look at some particular art exhibits, as we had just started our Year 12 Art Project entitled ‘The Environment’. The exhibit was perfect for our project because it was based around landscapes and the environment. The exhibition included some really skilful pieces from various different artists of different eras, with some experimental ideas that we can't wait to try out in our own sketch books.

This trip opened up our eyes to the range of techniques possible within this topic. We found it very beneficial and we all can't wait put what we learnt to use. We also got the chance to make our own copies and sketches of some of the works we saw while we were there, and these will also form part of our project.

Sophie Carter, Catrin Bell-Jackson and Jennifer Collins


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