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Didcot Sixth Form Executive

Didcot Sixth Form Executive

The Didcot Sixth Form Executive comprises a group of sixth form students who are passionate about making a positive impact on Didcot Sixth Form and the wider school community. The Executive acts as a representative and the voice of the Sixth Form, having the ability to relay well-valued feedback from the students to members of staff. The Sixth Form Executive is subdivided into separate groups: the head boy and head girl team; information; academic; welfare; charity; environment; equality; ethos and sports. It aims to work effectively by accomplishing the tasks set within distinct teams and meets collectively once a month to discuss achievements, new ideas or tasks to be completed and ways to further collaborate.  

Primarily, the Didcot Sixth Form Executive was initiated to encourage the inclusion of sixth form students into the school community and bridge the union of upper and lower school students. Furthermore, students were enthusiastic in integrating the sixth form with members and groups in the wider community such as local charities. Through this, students on the Executive have gained a broader comprehension of the wider world, how to work independently, how to cooperate as a team and to work towards deadlines, as well as numerous other important skills, which can be applied to many aspects of life.

The Didcot Sixth Form Executive has enabled students to be more mature and liberated by having the opportunity of setting their own standards, tasks and deadlines within their own respective roles. There is no doubt that the Didcot Sixth Form Executive have been very effective and successful in creating an encouraging influence in the community through its series of accomplishments.

 Laxmi Gurung (Year 13)