Dr Organ from Brasenose College, Oxford visits current Y13 Oxbridge Candidates

Dr Organ from Brasenose College visits DSF to nurture Oxbridge interview technique

During periods four and five on Wednesday 8 November, all of the Oxbridge applicants for this year came together to meet Dr Joe Organ from Brasenose College at the University of Oxford. Over the two hours that we spent with him and Katie, a first year student at Brasenose, we were able to learn about the interview process at Oxford and Cambridge, as well as being able to practice what it would be like within our respective subjects. Not only was the afternoon incredibly productive with the teaching of analytical skills and articulation, but it was incredibly fun to see the various ways in which you could be tested and intellectually stretched during an Oxbridge interview. However, it wasn’t at all intimidating once you got into it. In fact, it was rather exhilarating.

From a historian’s perspective, I was able to look through two vastly differing sources: one on 15th century slavery and another of religious mockery in the 21st century from a supposed futuristic viewpoint. Being able to analyse such sources independently with no limits on freedom was, of course, challenging; but it was the substantiating of my thoughts on the sources when being interviewed by Dr Organ that brought the true difficulties of an interview into play. Despite this, it was really enjoyable and has given us all confidence in our abilities if invited to interview. As such, the session – both as a group and individually – was a fantastic chance to explore the intricacies of the Oxbridge interview process, and in turn allow us to prepare as best as possible for the infamous interviews.

By Daniel Storey