DSF Dress Code

Dress Code

DSF students are role models for younger students, and their standards of dress are an important part of the culture of the sixth form. We are a sixth form based on school sites that have excellent standards of dress, values and ethos and we expect sixth form students to be part of the whole school community. We have a dress code that stops short of a prescriptive full uniform, but with the aim to have a smart appearance that allows a degree of personal choice.

This includes:


  • Shoes: conventional, work orientated and comfortable (including black trainers that look smart)
  • Smart trousers (including dark black jeans) or skirt (of respectable length)
  • Smart collared shirt, plain polo shirt, collared T-shirt or blouse (high neckline and covered shoulders)
  • Smart dress (of respectable length)



  • Sandals may be worn in the summer
  • Jumper or cardigan 
  • Tie
  • Smart jacket/Suit
  • Smart outdoor coat  

For extra guidance you should note that the following are not acceptable:


  • Denim (except for dark black jeans)
  • No ripped clothing
  • T-shirts (without collar), sweat shirts or hoodies
  • Clothing with slogans or large logos
  • Clothing that is overly revealing, including exposing bare midriff or chest
  • Hats and other headwear (except for parentally confirmed religious or medical reasons)
  • Trainers
  • Skin tight trousers, combat trousers, shorts or cut-offs
  • Strappy tops or vests
  • Sportswear e.g. tracksuits, hooded tops
  • Leggings/jeggings
  • Facial piercings
  • Extremes of hair style and unnatural hair colour