Taster Days

June 2017

Wednesday 5th July and Thursday 6th July

- an opportunity to ‘taste’ life at Didcot Sixth Form

We are delighted that you have chosen or are considering Didcot Sixth Form (DSF) for your post-16 studies and look forward to welcoming you to our sixth form ‘taster’ days. If you are undecided about taking up your place at DSF, you are very welcome to attend as this is an opportunity to find out more and help you make up your mind! An invitation to the taster days is confirmation that you have been awarded a place to study at DSF subject to GCSE results.

When are the taster days?

The taster days will take place on Wednesday 5th July and Thursday 6th July.

Wednesday 5th July

Welcome assembly at 8.45am at St Birinus School in the Main Hall. The day will finish at St Birinus School at 4.45pm.

Thursday 6th July

All students will register at 8.45am in Didcot Girls’ School, Cockcroft Hall. The day will end at 3.15pm at Didcot Girls’ School following a final assembly


The school buses will run as normal. External students wishing to make use of school transport should contact Ms Emmott (jemmott@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk) for details of bus routes. The Sixth Form shuttle bus will operate as normal to enable students to travel easily between the two sites.

What will the two days involve?

Over the two days you will have lots of opportunities to:

  • Attend 90–120 minute sample sixth form lessons in each of the courses you have chosen – and be challenged intellectually!
  • Experience the independence and responsibilities associated with being a sixth form student
  • Find your way around (and between) the two schools
  • Be introduced to the tutorial and enrichment programme
  • Talk to current Year 12 students and find out about student leadership opportunities and extracurricular activities
  • Learn about what will be expected of you in the sixth form
  • Be prepared for enrolment in September

You are welcome to use the sixth form social and study areas over the two days where you will find lots of information about the wider opportunities open to Year 12 students.

Having some fun and getting to know other students

There will be a rounders tournament and a barbecue for all students on the Wednesday 3.30pm – 4.45pm at St Birinus School (no cost to students). All students are encouraged to attend this ‘ice-breaker’ and a chance to meet some of the sixth form staff. We would recommend sportswear for this event and a good appetite.

What will I need?

School is a place of work so please bring: basic writing equipment; paper and a folder; any specialist equipment for your courses, such as appropriate kit for PE.

What should I wear?

Whilst there is no specific sixth form uniform, there is the expectation that sixth form students will dress according to a published dress code (as is expected of all school staff). The dress code will apply to Year 12 students from September 2017.

For the two taster days, all SBS and DGS students are requested to wear their current Year 11 summer uniform. Students joining DSF from schools other than SBS and DGS are requested to wear their current summer uniform or dress according to the Didcot Sixth Form Dress Code.

What should I do if I wish to discuss changing one of my subject choices?

Should you wish to re-consider one (or more) of your subject choices, you will need to contact Mr Willett. Any change will be dependent on whether a class has a ‘space’ for an additional student and after discussion about the reason for the change of subject choice.

Will I receive any further information?

A more detailed programme for the two days will be posted on the DSF website in due course. You will also receive a personalised programme on the first day of the taster days.

What should I do if I am unable to attend the 2 taster days?

If you are unable to attend the taster days, please notify Ms J Emmott (email: jemmott@didcotgirls.oxon.sch.uk or tel: 07850 504556) so that we are aware you are still wanting to reserve a place in DSF (subject to GCSE results).

We are really looking forward to meeting you and hope that you find the taster days both informative and enjoyable. Please do contact us if you have any questions or queries regarding the induction days.

Mr P Willett