Head Girl explores a career in tv journalism at BBC Oxford

Deep in the Easter holidays, I found myself at the BBC Oxford studios on Banbury Road. I had been in contact with Adina Campbell, a local household name. Adina had been a visiting speaker at the DGS Lower School Awards Evening last academic year, recounting her journey towards a career in television journalism. Being asked to do the vote of thanks speech following Adina’s wise words provided a great opportunity for me to meet a local celebrity!

Upon arrival, I was whisked into the studio’s offices by Adina and one of her colleagues who puts together the main stories for the show. We gathered in a booth in the buzzy office around a complex-looking computer screen. The journalist was working on a story about an Abingdon film crew’s work for Sobell House, showing me how he edits the video tape and organises the script and running order for the evening news broadcast. I was then given a tour around the studio, which seems far smaller than you imagine! I was shown the editing rooms, the radio booths and, of course, the crimson News room. After sitting at the desk channelling my inner Geraldine Peers, playing with the teleprompter, I was taken to the directors’ gallery just as Adina appeared to read the news at 6. The gallery was a dark and mysterious place full of hundreds of buttons and countless packets of biscuits. I watched as the news was frantically broadcast. Apparently, something always goes wrong in the build up to a show.

Afterwards, Adina kindly advised me as to how to make a career in journalism. The key message is that opportunities won’t just be handed to you in life - if you want to achieve your dream you must fight to open those opportunities for yourself. This is a lesson which, I believe, is extremely important for the students of DGS and Didcot Sixth Form, we are given such wonderful chances to make connections with successful people, with abundant numbers of impressive speakers coming in to school. Why not be brave and talk to them? Ask questions, exchange emails, and who knows what doors it will open?

Isabella Jewell
Head Girl

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